About Us

Some Info about the APSO Talent Share Platform

Why use the APSO Talent Share?

To interact with all the B-BBEE Level recruitment companies on one platform | 50% Split fee agreements | Receive pre-screened & pre-interviewed candidates | Value for money

Bio’s are current | More Corporate and SME exposure | FREE access to SA Jobs Registry’s Lead Pool (recruiters only) | Authenticity of candidate | Quality of candidate | verified candidates | make more candidate placements!

What is the APSO Talent Share?

APSO TALENT SHARE is a “closed user group” Digital Marketing Platform available on subscription to registered APSO members.

APSO Talent Share is a technology platform that provides APSO Members massive benefits that are currently unparalleled in the highly competitive job market. All APSO Talent Share agency members will have equal opportunity to market their qualified candidates to the ever-increasing corporate membership base.

APSO Talent Share is a member only community driven platform that promotes collaboration amongst APSO members.

APSO Talent Share for Agency Members

APSO Talent Share Agency Members now have the ability to capture their candidate BIO’s (anonymous) to The APSO Talent Share marketing platform. This information consists of a basic biography accessible only by APSO Talent Share agency members and registered talent share corporate members.

Detailed information of candidates will only be made available on request from other APSO Talent Share members. Members may enquire about candidates that they are interested in, directly with the relevant APSO Recruitment agency member that represents that specific candidate. Apart from the BIO, the APSO Talent Share Platform will not store or be able to access any candidate information. (POPI Compliant)

APSO Talent Share for Corporate Members

APSO Talent Share for corporate members can either place their candidate requirements directly via and job vacancy on the APSO Talent Share platform or view all available BIO’s marketed on the platform by agency members.

APSO Talent Share agency members will have equal opportunity to source candidates for corporate member requirements.

The combined efforts of over six hundred agency members, will make talent sourcing for corporate members a very seamless process. It will also provide APSO Talent Share agencies exposure to previously untapped corporates.

The Uniqueness of APSO Talent Share

Candidates can be shared amongst all APSO Talent Share agency members in real-time. This opens up additional revenue opportunities through passive income from shared placements. Candidate sharing with confidence is now a real possibility.

APSO Talent Share agency members will have exclusive and free access to the SA Jobs Registry Lead Pool, allowing unlimited candidate sourcing from a qualified database.