Posting a candidate biography on the APSO Talent Share

The biography will give your candidate an opportunity to showcase their basic skills and experience. In order to upload the candidate biography, the following Information is required.

Just a reminder: Do Not provide any personal information about your candidate to any recruiter until the Split Fee Agreement is signed!

  • Do not provide: Your candidates name and/ or surname in the biography.
  • Do not provide: Your candidates ID number in the biography.
  • Do not provide: Your candidates current and previous place of work
  • Do not provide: Your candidates CV in the biography.
  • Do not provide: Your candidates ID photo in the biography.
  • Do Provide: Your candidates current job title.
  • Do provide: Your candidates notice period.
  • Do provide: Your candidates work experience and skills.
  • Do provide: Your candidates major achievements
  • Do Provide: Your candidates education.
  • Do Provide: Your candidates accomplishments.
  • Do Provide: Your candidates work location.

A CV used to be the tool, that would get your candidate noticed, no longer.

Bios are today’s go-to career communication for three simple reasons, driven by massive societal shifts:

  1. The rise of social media. “digital first” the concept that the first place we learn about things (and people) is online. Your candidates bio is a way to be there when you as the recruiter are not.
  2. The crumbling of the work/life wall. Business is truly a human endeavor. People hire and choose to work with people they know, like and trust. The bio lets you paint an image of your candidate and a CV puts up a wall by focusing on credentials and experience.
  3. The need for brand-building continuity. A CV is a tool for when your candidate is looking to get hired. A Bio is a personal branding tool that will help your candidate being more noticed on the APSO Talent Share platform. It’s not attached to a job or a series of jobs. It’s the true picture of your candidate’s personal brand.