Why Good Bios Are Important!

Why Good Bios Are Important!


I mean, how many people actually read professional bios, anyway?


The answer: A lot of people. More importantly, though, there’s no way to tell exactly who is reading it — and you always want it to be ready for when the right people to come across it. And when they do, you want it to catch their eye. In a good way.


You see, a CV is only useful to candidates when they are actively applying for specific positions, whereby a professional bio is much more visible.

And, most importantly, it’s the tool that one can leverage the most when you’re networking.


Bottom line? People will read a professional bio. Whether they remember it, and whether it makes them actually care about your candidate, is a matter of how well the recruiter presents its candidate to the intended audience.


Bios placed on APSO Talent Share are way more safer nowadays in South Africa, as the platform will not except the following information:

A candidates name & surname in the biography.

A candidates ID number.

A candidates current and previous place of work.

A candidates CV in the biography.

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